Terror on Wheels

Preliminary pencils for page one (edit: and two!) of the roller derby comic.

I say “pencils,” but I hate the inefficiency and middle-manness of doing detailed tedious pencils on my own work. Ergo- Photoshop. Messy, messy, easily editable Photoshop.


2 responses to “Terror on Wheels

  1. This looks great, when are we going to see some finished work on this project. Is it going to be a print edition or a webcomic?

    • Haha. Thanks, but almost definitely never not ever. It actually rather pains me sometimes that I keep it up here. :P
      Anyway, this was an assignment for a class I was having a go at.. and I’ll probably not feel inclined to have a whack at comics again for a looonnng time. :]

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