Now, with 50% More Description!

More concept art.

Sorry guys, I’ll try to add little blurbs to my posts more often. Hey, one day if I ever get this project fully developed enough, maybe I’ll even get it its own site, yeah?

Priests or Priestesses of the Lost act as guardians of their people – they make the sacrifice to live a short, difficult, and painful life to protect others. Each Priest(ess) of the Lost wears an (tentatively named)  artifact – a small piece of technology that, when active, grants the user increased power and abilities, while simultaneously corrupting and destroying their bodies. Adva’s artifact, when active, physically wraps itself around her body and turns the normally quiet and kind girl into a veritable killing machine. ….long story short. :P


2 responses to “Now, with 50% More Description!

  1. Nice Work!!

    I like how the artifact is in stark contrast to the attire. It’s like the artifact is from a future-past and humanity has forgotten about technology to the point where it seems like magic.

    • Well I’m glad that’s how it came across, because you pretty much hit the nail on the head. :P

      Technology in this world is pretty much defunct – long story short, there WAS a highly advanced civilization covering the world a long time ago, but then a biblical-size flood covered most of the world, leaving the cities underwater. People now regard technology in general with a sort of religious fear and awe.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

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