Walking Backwards

Environment for Conceptual Illustration, same project as usual. I’ve never properly managed any sort of environment art at all really, so this is…. okay? I dunno. Mixed feelings.

Anyhow, as far as descriptions go, I suspect that inside this cliffside cave lies a sort of temple (the kind that’s sacred but not ventured near because it’s filled with holy evil badness), wherein one may find (and equip! hooray!) an artifact from a former Priest(ess) of the Lost. So, loot cave. Also, this is one of the relatively few areas of actual land that still pokes up out of the ocean.


2 responses to “Walking Backwards

  1. Wow, awesome!

    You artists and your talent; I tell you. If I could, I’d build a siphon to get at least a few drops of whatever powers you guys (and gals).

    Now, is there some kind of advanced technology in that cave? The rectangular slabs look almost like speakers that glow with florescent light.

    Also, are there going to be more in this series? If so, you may have gained a follower. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, thank you. I’m in the middle of finals and artistic job finding stress and etcetera etcetera, so your comment is super appreciated right now. :)

      Sort of. “Advanced” technology in this case being a vague term since any real working technology is pretty advanced.. but yes. It’s basically a remnant piece of tech that grants powers of baddassery to its wearer… sort of. Long story, there’s a bit more on that in my previous post. :P

      And yes! There will be more! Both because I have to, and because I’m really loving this project, so I plan to keep developing it as much as possible :)

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