Cliffs and Caves

Some more developmental stuff for the environment I posted here:

Today is all rainy thunder and life. A good day for homework I guess, but it would be better for painting.



2 responses to “Cliffs and Caves

  1. Pfft, homework can wait. We had rain here in NYC the past two days or so, and writing was all I wanted to do. :P

    I’m a total newb when it comes to the drawing process, but the whole storyboard looking sheets (Environment Development and Orthographic): were they taught to you in class? Are they like the standard way of planning your paintings like blueprints?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah, it’s been pouring and thundering down here, and I hear the tornado sirens go off every now and then. Good pajama day. :)

      Well, I guess I’m pretty new to it too. This stuff I’ve been posting recently though is for a Conceptual Illustration class I’m taking.. so orthographic views/development sheets/final renders are part of the assignment, but it’s all pretty good practice, since this is theoretically being designed for a game, not just a fine art piece- it needs more research and planning, and the orthographic views and such would help a modeler/designer/whoever to actually create it. In theory. :P

      Thanks for your comments! :)

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