From the Sea of Green

I am determined to get a good amount of drawing in over spring break, despite having to work every day.

It’s past 2am though, so just some sketches and a dramatically proportioned headphone girl tonight.

Also, fun fact: my city is supposed to have roughly as many tourists for St. Patrick’s as my entire home state has in population. :D


2 responses to “From the Sea of Green

  1. Awesome sketches!

    How do you work with those multiple images at the bottom? It seems like it’s the same woman but with different details/accessories. Do you use a program (like Photoshop) and simply change the layers?

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Yeah, I do all of my work in Photoshop. With sketches like those, I usually draw some sort of base sketch, then copy and paint over/erase it as I see fit. Just helps get ideas down quickly without having to redraw things over and over.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

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