In the Machine

Had a bit of a hiatus in posting since spring break started, but now I’m back to working on the same project again (which I really need to come up with a name for). This time I’m developing Cerulean, the other main character. She was created a long time ago as half god, half android, the instrument to end the war between men and gods. She’s able to reactivate any piece of technology that she is touching, and fun fact, the line between her white skin and her dark skin is made up of circuit board imagery and symbols.


One response to “In the Machine

  1. These drawings look great. I love the dividing lines between her circuitry and flesh; they have the little tendrils of circuits like on a motherboard.

    You’ve got a great imagination; really like the fact that she can reactive machinery just by touching it. I could really use a half android/half god to restart my busted iPod. :P

    As always, thanks for sharing your amazing art. :)

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