Bit of a study turned speedpaint… thing. Just trying to figure out the glowy sunlit hair thing mostly.

This isn’t much of a talky blog, is it? I suppose I get all of my thoughts out while I’m painting, and once I’m done, I don’t have much left to say, in a manner of speaking. I’ve never considered myself capable of explaining my work, anyway. Not like you always see and hear at gallery openings and in other areas of life that fancy people frequent. I don’t know. Is that some sort of artistic shortcoming? I don’t necessarily feel that art needs to be symbolically loaded and complex to mean something. I don’t think you need to make any additions to make people interesting. They already have a story… who has eyes and not a story? Doesn’t need to be more complex than that.

So says the portrait junkie anyway.


4 responses to “Aflame

  1. Beautiful. Love the light on her hair.

  2. YOU have a very long wonderful success ahead of you. Your style is amazing..oh p.s. I’m an ex- art teacher….!

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