Someone Else’s Heart

There’s a lizard climbing up the outside of my window.


I’m working on busting out some environment thumbnails for my project-that-I-really-should-name.. you know the one. With the water, and the tribal people. Yeah. Anyway, thumbs… because environments are really a thing I should know how to do. Also cause it looks cool once you have alot of them. More of these to come later on.


Also a voluptuous icy sorceress (which I’ll probably finish soon), because 1. I got tired of drawing skinny girls, 2. I needed a break from painting greyscale rocks and water, and 3. I miss drawing impractical crazy fantasy shit.



Oh. I also post this stuff, plus more sketchier stuff (ie, bad photos of pages from my sketchbook and studies) in my sketchbook :

You know, if you just can’t get enough. ;)

The end!


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