Suddenly, Commissions

Eeek, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. Been busy with moving and working and such, you know. I bet if I moved less often I’d get more done…

And on that note, I’m basically copy-pasting this from my DeviantArt journal:

I’ve decided to start offering commissions!

Here’s the deets:


Be sure to look through earlier posts or check out my DeviantArt gallery ( get a feel for my work before commissioning. You’re welcome to email me with whatever request you have, but keep in mind that whether I decide to take on your commission or not is completely up to my discretion.

**** I specialize in portraits and characters, but feel free to throw ideas at me! ****

Payment must be made up front (I use PayPal) before I will begin work on your commission- if for some reason I am unable to finish your commission, it will be completely refunded.

In general, I will request at least one reference for characters, (or photo reference for a portrait of a real person) or at least a really detailed description. I want you to be happy with your drawing, so the more information, the better!

The prices listed below are not set in stone – based upon the specifics of your request, I will quote a final price to you before I begin work. Any alterations or additions requested later on in the process may cost extra.

I’ll make every effort to finish your piece as quickly as I can, but please keep in mind that I’m both working and in university, and some nights I just don’t have much time. That being said, I generally work pretty quickly.

This is my first time at this, so I’m still figuring out how I want to roll with it all. Bear with me! :)

You can email me at, or note me on deviantArt :


$5 – Rough Digital Sketch – BUST (no colour)
$10 – Rough Digital Sketch – CHARACTER (no colour)

$15 – Rough Painting – BUST (colour)
$25 – Rough Painting – HALF CHARACTER (colour)

style examples:

half character example:

$30 – Full character, flat colour
I honestly don’t have any examples of this as I never really leave things at this stage..

$40 – Fully colored character (linear style)

$60 – Non linear, fully coloured polished character

$50 – $70 – Polished Painting – PORTRAIT (colour)



Talk to Me!

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