Riak Character Concepts

(Relevant titles are boring.)

EDIT: Please excuse the fact that I forgot to change the title text on these. For the moment, they’re all apparently male warriors. Sigh.)

Phew… a bunch of concept iterations for class. So done with lineart for a million years. :|

In other news, I’ve re-created my website.. or finally created a website.. or something. Anyway. If you want to see my big shiny portfolio, head this way: http://capsizebeautiful.wix.com/nothingbutblue

I still need to add a bunch of stuff to the galleries and purchase my own domain name at some point, but project Riak (All this stuff! Above you! Yeah!) has its own gallery up over there, so feel free to check it out in its lovely new slightly more cohesive form. :)

The end!


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