Projects in the Works!

So! Whether you, dear internet person, were aware or not, I’m currently a game design student at SCAD, and as this is my senior-ish year, tomorrow will be my first official day or working on my first proper game project. It’s going to, gods be with us, be a full and complete (if small and indy) game when we’re done with it, and we’re all pretty excited. I should still be posting on here (if I don’t do my own art I go insane and get really grumpy), but I’ll also be putting a ton of time into this game, and will be (as far as I know) documenting it on a blog. So if you’re interested in seeing that as it develops, then watch for a link coming up here pretty soon. :)

Also, a finally-finished thing, and a re-done thing. I wouldn’t leave you with only text to read.

Lesbians 3


Getting it Out 2 3


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