Something I Can’t Define

So I’ve been in a pretty extreme art slump for a pretty long time. I don’t feel like I’m creative, I don’t feel like I can draw anything worthwhile, and lots of other self-esteem destroying things. This feeling has been persisting for months. Maybe longer. Which is pretty stressful, since I’m in the middle of working on a game (Here! Look! I updated it today!) and other people are depending on my art not sucking.

And then I sat down last night and made a new custom brush in photoshop, because the one I was using just wasn’t giving me exactly what I wanted anymore.

And man. I know everyone always says “it’s not about the brush, it’s about the artist and the skill”, and that’s true, but goddamn. It feels like a brand new effing day.

So I sketched some things! And then I painted some awesome 2D assets for Lost in Thought! (Those aren’t posted yet, but they will be soon.)

And I’m very (some might say inordinately) excited! So here’s some super sketchy stuff! Because I don’t have the time to finish anything! XD

Sketch 1-21-13Punky


And this girl..whom I had to draw doing the things I want to do because I can’t do them. :[

Sketch 2 1-21-13


3 responses to “Something I Can’t Define

  1. Deep Fried Neil

    Yeah brushes can make a big difference, that’s for sure. I’ve got some nice pencil brushes I use in PS, lots of different styles. Let me know if you’re interested, I could send them your way.

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