Lost in Thought and E3

Oh hey! I haven’t been able to post on here in ages. :(
I have super excellent news, and also bad news. The bad news is that although the quarter has finally ended… I STILL don’t have time to paint any of my own stuff. At least not yet.

This is because of the super excellent news, which is that Lost in Thought, the game I’ve been making with a small group of fellow students, was selected as one of the top five finalists in the E3 College Game Competition. So.. basically… Lost in Thought is going to have a booth at E3, and we’re going with it. Which is…. absolute madness, particularly for me. I dunno if you guys know, but I’m pretty much a small town country girl, so this feels way out of my league. And it’s also in… 3 days?!

Yeah, I’m losing my mind.

So I don’t have any personal work to post (booo), but I thought I’d put up some screenshots from the game, since like 90% of the stuff on the screen is stuff I painted anyway. :P

mem3_3 mem3_2 mem3_4 untitled-51 untitled-11 Untitled-1 Untitled-4 Untitled-7 Untitled-9


I hope you guys like it! And if for some crazy reason, anybody who reads this blog is either going to E3 or knows someone who is… stop by and see us!


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