Awakened Adva Concept for Sculpt

I’m finally taking a zBrush class this quarter, and my first assignment was to create a character concept which I’ll be working on sculpting all quarter. So, naturally… well, you know. I did a redesign/smooshing together of Adva and Cerulean. It’s really rough on account of I didn’t have much time to do it in, but it serves the purpose anyway.

Awakened Adva Character Sheet 2

In my mind this is sort of an older version of Adva, freed of the prior societal constraints placed on her. You might notice that the horns that she used to wear as part of her headdress (it was a ceremonial symbol of her position as one of her peoples’ chosen protectors) are now hanging off her hips, symbolic in a way of her newfound self agency.

Another very fuzzy idea that I had in my mind as I was drawing this was that this is post-some sort of event that literally combined Adva and Cerulean into one person (hence the mashing up of their two designs). I’ve always had the idea that the two of them have some sort of special relation (possibly even so far as to be the ‘same person’ in a sense), so I’m starting to explore that here.

….phew. Look, I did an explanation! Woohoo! Look for progress on the sculpt in the future! :D



2 responses to “Awakened Adva Concept for Sculpt

  1. Hey Kim!
    I like the idea that Adva and Cerulean may be combined as one character but that they both had a past history and are becoming one. At least that is what I think you mean. Did I interpret that correctly? Anyway, I really like those 2 characters and your use of vibrant colors in Lost In Thought. Keep posting, I visit often but do not always comment. I should as I am sure it would feel as others are connected…sort of like receiving letters from home (the old-fashioned way). Have a great 4th! Brenda

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much what I meant. I’m surprised that I got it across so well. :P

      And… well, you comment more than anyone else actually. :) You guys have a good 4th as well!

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