Google Street View Studies 1


So, I know that this blog isn’t very talky. I tend to use it as my own very personal sketchbook – I drop the art in, say a word or two, and that’s generally it. This is a reflection of three things: one, that I don’t usually feel that I have a bunch of energy to dump into creating extensive blog posts, two, that as an introverted artist type, I’m certainly capable of saying plenty about my work, but I’d often just rather not, and three, that I never really know what else to add beyond just my work itself.

But, because I seem to be under the impression that I have extra time on my hands (where I always seem to get this idea, I have no clue), I’m considering doing more with my blog. Firstly, I’d love it if you guys would talk to me and leave comments (I know you’re out there, you silent 101 followers), especially if there’s anything you’d like to know or see (also when you guys leave comments it reminds me to go check out your stuff too! ;) ) Secondly… I don’t know. I’m going to try to add more explanation to the art I show, talk about the process more extensively, etc. I also want to set up a livestream at some point, because I’m painting anyways, so why not? Just need to get around to figuring out how.

I’m mostly just pondering out loud here, but feel free to chime in! And hopefully this blog will be getting a little zestier in the near future.

In the meantime, Google Street View studies! I saw this idea on this guy‘s blog a while back, and thought it was an awesome idea. Sometimes I just need to paint, without all the obstacles of trying to find the right reference. So I just randomly dropped myself somewhere in google maps and painted away. :) Real quick practice, probably 15-20 minutes each or so.

Streetview 1 Streetview 2


Also Cage the Elephant makes the best Pandora station.


5 responses to “Google Street View Studies 1

  1. Cool idea! I will definitely try this for myself.

  2. Looks awesome,and I love the idea :)))

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