Bros and Necromancers

Some sketches. I drew men! And a dog! Because I’m a well-rounded multi-faceted artist, dammit!

sketches 4-2-14


Also, some incredibly rough concepts for a necromancer character I’m working on. Planning on taking this to zbrush in an attempt to re-learn how to use it, because putting it off longer sure isn’t going to help.

Lier Concepts 1


4 responses to “Bros and Necromancers

  1. I prefer the middle one,looks cool :) may need more skulls or bones as decoration on the black part of her dress.maybe? xD

    • Oh, yeah. When I do concepts like this I’m generally just going for really rough designs. Once I figure out which direction I like, then I’ll spend the time on detailing. No need to do it unnecessarily. :)

      • Haha,lucky you,I always get caught up in detailing everything I can xD well,I guess,while I can still afford spending time on that – it’s okay and good practice.But your approach is much better :)

      • Oh yeah, that’s a great skill. The days when I really feel up for some hardcore detailing are much fewer and further between than I’d like. :P

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