On Past Suck and Future Awesome

A little sketch I’ve been doing the last few days. It’s still a little rough and wonky, but I kinda like it.

(Psssst. I redesigned this based on something I drew A LONG DAMN TIME AGO.)

Wanna see it?
No you don’t.
For reals though, it’s always healthy to remember that it’s okay to suck. Everyone has to suck before they can be better. Hopefully seeing my… seriously god awful past art can inspire you. :)

Here it is:

OHMYGOD those jellybean shoes. Also I think she is about 4 heads high. Why are there fireworks in the background? I don’t know. Hooray, self improvement!


3 responses to “On Past Suck and Future Awesome

  1. My only concern is the girl might fall from the red ball!. Nice work :)

  2. Looking at my old drawings mostly makes me want to tear them up. I keep them nice and locked up out of my grubby paws reach, as I’d probably want to see how far I’ve progressed in about 10 years or so :P
    Is that the first old sketch you’ve redrawn?

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