Environment Thumbnail Process…ing.

Working on some environments with the intent of capturing the process. Well. A process. I tend to change things up a lot, and I don’t really work in one particular way. I first scanned (I say scanned, I mean badly photographed) in a variety of sketches. Were I working on a particular project I would have done up new ones, but for this I just found a bunch of forgotten little doodles that could be something more. Then I made them blue instead of black because black tends to make things difficult to work with sometimes:

Following that, I chucked some experimental colors and values on. These are far from finalized – I mostly did it just to see how lighting looked and to figure out which was calling to me most.

I liked the light and shadow contrast going on in the top middle thumbnail, so I did a little cleaning up on it:


…and then brought it into a new file for the real bizniss. This is the part that takes forever and I’ve just started, so I’ll post another update when it’s done. :)



3 responses to “Environment Thumbnail Process…ing.

  1. this is really good, perspective and light!

  2. I like how you are bringing back your older work and breathing new life into it.

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