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Riak Interactive Map Mockup

Been working on my Riak map, using it to create a mockup map interface, as if you were looking at it in-game.

Gawd I love maps. <3



Environment Thumbnail Process…ing.

Working on some environments with the intent of capturing the process. Well. A process. I tend to change things up a lot, and I don’t really work in one particular way. I first scanned (I say scanned, I mean badly photographed) in a variety of sketches. Were I working on a particular project I would have done up new ones, but for this I just found a bunch of forgotten little doodles that could be something more. Then I made them blue instead of black because black tends to make things difficult to work with sometimes:

Following that, I chucked some experimental colors and values on. These are far from finalized – I mostly did it just to see how lighting looked and to figure out which was calling to me most.

I liked the light and shadow contrast going on in the top middle thumbnail, so I did a little cleaning up on it:


…and then brought it into a new file for the real bizniss. This is the part that takes forever and I’ve just started, so I’ll post another update when it’s done. :)


And Everything There Glowed

Did this for Riak the other day. Sort of a summary of the area I refer to as “Blue Spoon” – named after its largest city. Look ma, I drew plants and animals! I’ve never much been one for creature design, but baby steps hey?

Blue Spoon Summary Page

Also started this one today and had a blast with it. Hoping to finish it soon (along with a few other things.)

Transformation 2 1

Water Follows Me Around

Couple things today.
One, I’ve been working on a  sort of pdf.. guide? (Overview? I’m not sure what to call it) of Riak. I’ve always meant to put it into some  form that would allow for more explanation of the world as a whole, and sort of bring together all these myriad sketches and concepts I’ve done for it, without the flux and potential formatting ugliness of an art bible. This isn’t meant to be the first page, it’s just the first one I’ve done. I haven’t gotten much further because I’m currently having one of those artistic seizures where I realize that some of my ideas are similar to existing ideas, and then I spiral into a pit of artistic and personal self doubt. But you know, every idea could be correlated to plenty of other ideas, and that does not mean that their existence isn’t worthwhile. Plus this is just for me anyway…. I’m getting carried away.

Riak Guide - The Flood


Also, a little preview of a commission I’m working on (and having a lot of fun with):

Mark Underwater  crop

Boys and Blues

…or greens. Teals? Aquamarine.
Also some quick thumbnails in a different style from usual.

Riak Environment Thumbs 1 sketches 1-5-14

LiT Environment Concepts

Hello! Just thought I’d post up some of the stuff I’ve been working on for Lost in Thought, because I feel like I always have to neglect you guys for it.

These are some concepts for two underwater areas, and an “angry” area. :]

Mem 3 concept 1 Underwater Concept 3 2 Underwater Concept 5

At the Center

Oh hey blog. I’ve missed you. Just thought I’d post a little what-I’m-working-on-at-this-exact-moment.

A background image for Lost in Thought. Not sure how I suckered myself into painting so much stuff for this, but I’m enjoying myself. Who knew that painting rocks could actually be so fun? :)

Pretty pleased with how it’s coming along so far… hope you like it too!