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Progress GIF Dump

I was doing some organizing the other day, and made a bunch of progress GIFS of various pieces that I had saved a bunch of WIPS for. Here’s a couple. :)

sketch-1-27-2-Progress blue-wallpaper-progress Kim-2014-Progress


April and May Sketches

Sketches and work catch-up. There’s still so much more, gah! I’m behind.yellow





Two Character Concepts

That is, the title of the project is “Two.” …and there’s also two character concept sheets right now.. but I assure you that that’s a coincidence.

New personal project. Some scifi after all that tribal. :P Firstly, a rework of the main character, Two. Also motorcycles.

Two-Concepts-Compilation-1 Two-Turnaround-1-2 Heartbreaker-Concept-1-2

Girls and Tree Bark


Girl-Sketches-3-10-15 Goth-Girl-Sketches Bark-and-Stick-Studies-1

Tigers and Birds and Mountains

Nope, not gonna say it.

Been sketchin eh. A couple studies from the past week.
If you’d rather have your art-spiration on the daily (well, you know) instead of in a big compilation post (plus more process and stuff that never quite makes it here), feel free to like my art page on Facebook. :)




And then I bought a Cintiq Companion Hybrid

So…. this happened:


After taking a fateful walk one day and finding myself pining almost painfully for the ability to create art away from my computer… I bought myself a Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid (hybrid cause it also hooks up to my computer like a regular Cintiq and runs Android instead of Windows 8). It may seem like an impulse buy, but I’d been considering getting one off and on for like a year.

I’ve only had it for about five days, but my first impression is that I haven’t wanted to draw this much in a long time. And it is SO MUCH EASIER to draw while actually looking at my stylus. Like, the lines go where I want them to. Man. I haven’t been able to use it much in Photoshop (ie, hooked to my computer) because I guess my second mini HDMI port doesn’t work so I’ll need an adapter. So far though, I’m loving the mobile mode (even if the Android version of Autodesk Sketchbook can be a bit limiting, it’s still nice and fluid).

My biggest workflow hurdles so far are not having any easy way to have reference up while I draw in mobile mode, and the fact that they replaced the glorious ipod-esqe swipey ring with a buttony Rocker Ring instead, which means I feel totally gimped trying to change my brush size on the fly.

So anyway, Here’s a few preliminary sketches I did while trying to figure everything out. (And why the hell doesn’t Photoshop have a damn symmetry tool yet?)

The first one I did in Photoshop (with my monitor unplugged >.<), and the rest are in Sketchbook in mobile mode. Yaaaaaayyy for drawing on the couch!


sketch feb 26 1 2



Two Concepts 1

I’m hoping to take it out in the world with me soon and see how that goes, but haven’t had the time yet. Let me know if you have any questions!

Old Sketches for a New Year

And I’m back!
Man, holidays.┬áNow they’re over though, and I’ve nothing but a vast wintery expanse of depression and time (since I probably won’t leave the house without great need for the next 3 months). So, art?

I actually am sketching something new (sketching? battling? One of those), but in the meantime, here’s a random assortment of sketches!

Scanned Image Scanned Image Scanned Image Scanned Image Scanned Image