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Progress GIF Dump

I was doing some organizing the other day, and made a bunch of progress GIFS of various pieces that I had saved a bunch of WIPS for. Here’s a couple. :)

sketch-1-27-2-Progress blue-wallpaper-progress Kim-2014-Progress


WIP: Self Portrait with Whales and Ponytails

I’m painting a self portrait. In progress currently, here’s the where it is so far:


Riot Art Contest Progress Dump 1

Hello! I’m currently working on Polycount and Riot Games’ Art Contest – I’ve been at it for a couple weeks or so, and here’s a compilation of my work for it so far. If you want to read more info on the process or keep up with my work in slightly-more-realtime, you can view my official Polycount thread here. :)









Trees, Guns, and Lovers

Been mucking around in ZBrush again, this time with a bit more instruction and discipline. Trees!



As a post-sculpting cooldown, I (super) quickly sketched out a comp for an idea that’s been in my head for a long time. Now that it exists in some form I don’t have to devote brain space to remembering it every 4 months or so. :P


Environment Thumbnail Process…ing.

Working on some environments with the intent of capturing the process. Well. A process. I tend to change things up a lot, and I don’t really work in one particular way. I first scanned (I say scanned, I mean badly photographed) in a variety of sketches. Were I working on a particular project I would have done up new ones, but for this I just found a bunch of forgotten little doodles that could be something more. Then I made them blue instead of black because black tends to make things difficult to work with sometimes:

Following that, I chucked some experimental colors and values on. These are far from finalized – I mostly did it just to see how lighting looked and to figure out which was calling to me most.

I liked the light and shadow contrast going on in the top middle thumbnail, so I did a little cleaning up on it:


…and then brought it into a new file for the real bizniss. This is the part that takes forever and I’ve just started, so I’ll post another update when it’s done. :)


Bubble Forests and Facebook Pages

Finally got around to making one of those “the face book” pages for my art. Bah! If you wanna like it click here or check out the fancy widget box over there on the right hand side of the screen.

Here’s some in-progress art, since this is an art blog and all. ;)

Globe Forest 2

Thinking of doing a series of different forests in the style of the above and this one.

Also been doin some edits over on the portfolio, if you’re inclined to take a look.

Eyelid Fits

At Zbrush again. Just a start for tonight – eyelids continue to vex me. They vex me like AFasdfkjlkjsdf.

Bust 8-10-14 2


Also, I drew some bugs the other day for shiggles and studies. Why did no one tell me how terrifying and amazing insects are?

Been referencing most of it from the amazing photographs of Nicky Bay.

Insects 2