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Pulse Character and Gun Concepts

I created this character last week purely as a guilty pleasure – I just wanted to draw something fun without worrying about originality or her place in a universe. I ended up having a ton of fun with it, so don’t be surprised if a whole new project springs up around her. ;) I have a male counterpart for her planned next. (Look ma, I designed a gun!)

(PS: If you are some sort of social media savvy person who dwells in Tumblr land, you can find me there now too! Even though I don’t really know what I’m doing I think I can probably eventually figure it out.)

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Pulse Character ConceptsPulse Gun Concepts Page



Wooooooow this blog is way behind my Facebook page. I may try to catch it up later, but for now, here’s a new finished piece. :)


Who am I to be Colorless?

…when the universe is made of light.

More Two Stuff!

Been a bit behind on updating the blog… I have a new piece up on Facebook already.  (hint hint)


Who Am I to be Colorless

Antelope Heart

A new piece, with progress GIF. :)




WIP: Self Portrait with Whales and Ponytails

I’m painting a self portrait. In progress currently, here’s the where it is so far:


Deep Green and Forests

More forests.


Tiny Rainbows

This piece was initially inspired by the song “Tiny Rainbows” by Nana Grizol, one of my favourite bands. I really enjoyed painting this one. I feel a little lighter, lately. Bit by bit. I feel more relaxed in my work, and more me. Nothing but blue skies ahead…

“Our lives blended better than our bodies ever could
In the days when we were made out of flesh or wood
Yeah we weren’t the same color though we knew that we could be
We were ourselves but blended at the edges like it should be..”


Also, another Facebook fan portrait that I did a little bit ago.