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Riak Interactive Map Mockup

Been working on my Riak map, using it to create a mockup map interface, as if you were looking at it in-game.

Gawd I love maps. <3



Pulse Character and Gun Concepts

I created this character last week purely as a guilty pleasure – I just wanted to draw something fun without worrying about originality or her place in a universe. I ended up having a ton of fun with it, so don’t be surprised if a whole new project springs up around her. ;) I have a male counterpart for her planned next. (Look ma, I designed a gun!)

(PS: If you are some sort of social media savvy person who dwells in Tumblr land, you can find me there now too! Even though I don’t really know what I’m doing I think I can probably eventually figure it out.)

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<3 <3

Pulse Character ConceptsPulse Gun Concepts Page

Tide Clothing and Textile Concepts

Since armageddon-levels of smoke are preventing me from leaving the house on this lovely August afternoon, I got a lot of work done instead! Here’s a couple concept pages focusing on the clothing, textiles, and general aesthetics of The Tide – a name I use to generally refer to a region of Riak.

I knew I was going to need a bunch of different patterns for these guys, so I created some of my own. Looking forward to exploring that more. :)


Summer Catchup

Oh, hey. I haven’t posted since May?
I guess… summer happened?

20150801_132649 Maria-Turnaround Authority-Uniform-Concepts Maria-Concepts

For my own purposes, I spent an inordinate amount of time tonight compiling ALL of my Riak work (well, all of it that’s currently on my computer). Thought it would be interesting to share. I think having it all in once place where I can quickly glance at it will help me keep all of my thoughts together, and help me see what I need to work on…. like more environment stuff. >.>


Two Character Concepts

That is, the title of the project is “Two.” …and there’s also two character concept sheets right now.. but I assure you that that’s a coincidence.

New personal project. Some scifi after all that tribal. :P Firstly, a rework of the main character, Two. Also motorcycles.

Two-Concepts-Compilation-1 Two-Turnaround-1-2 Heartbreaker-Concept-1-2

And then I bought a Cintiq Companion Hybrid

So…. this happened:


After taking a fateful walk one day and finding myself pining almost painfully for the ability to create art away from my computer… I bought myself a Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid (hybrid cause it also hooks up to my computer like a regular Cintiq and runs Android instead of Windows 8). It may seem like an impulse buy, but I’d been considering getting one off and on for like a year.

I’ve only had it for about five days, but my first impression is that I haven’t wanted to draw this much in a long time. And it is SO MUCH EASIER to draw while actually looking at my stylus. Like, the lines go where I want them to. Man. I haven’t been able to use it much in Photoshop (ie, hooked to my computer) because I guess my second mini HDMI port doesn’t work so I’ll need an adapter. So far though, I’m loving the mobile mode (even if the Android version of Autodesk Sketchbook can be a bit limiting, it’s still nice and fluid).

My biggest workflow hurdles so far are not having any easy way to have reference up while I draw in mobile mode, and the fact that they replaced the glorious ipod-esqe swipey ring with a buttony Rocker Ring instead, which means I feel totally gimped trying to change my brush size on the fly.

So anyway, Here’s a few preliminary sketches I did while trying to figure everything out. (And why the hell doesn’t Photoshop have a damn symmetry tool yet?)

The first one I did in Photoshop (with my monitor unplugged >.<), and the rest are in Sketchbook in mobile mode. Yaaaaaayyy for drawing on the couch!


sketch feb 26 1 2



Two Concepts 1

I’m hoping to take it out in the world with me soon and see how that goes, but haven’t had the time yet. Let me know if you have any questions!

Red Dead and Naked Women

Most of the things I’ve been painting lately are Christmasy or secret.
So, here’s some figure studies I did a bit back. And a crashed spaceship thing.



Also, I found this Real Life Kim story I drew like 5 years ago. I find it impossibly funny. Enjoy!

Red Dead