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Riak Interactive Map Mockup

Been working on my Riak map, using it to create a mockup map interface, as if you were looking at it in-game.

Gawd I love maps. <3



Pulse Character and Gun Concepts

I created this character last week purely as a guilty pleasure – I just wanted to draw something fun without worrying about originality or her place in a universe. I ended up having a ton of fun with it, so don’t be surprised if a whole new project springs up around her. ;) I have a male counterpart for her planned next. (Look ma, I designed a gun!)

(PS: If you are some sort of social media savvy person who dwells in Tumblr land, you can find me there now too! Even though I don’t really know what I’m doing I think I can probably eventually figure it out.)

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<3 <3

Pulse Character ConceptsPulse Gun Concepts Page

Tide Clothing and Textile Concepts

Since armageddon-levels of smoke are preventing me from leaving the house on this lovely August afternoon, I got a lot of work done instead! Here’s a couple concept pages focusing on the clothing, textiles, and general aesthetics of The Tide – a name I use to generally refer to a region of Riak.

I knew I was going to need a bunch of different patterns for these guys, so I created some of my own. Looking forward to exploring that more. :)


Fantasy Worlds and Nekkid Ladies

Been doing a lot of quick sketchy stuff lately that’s heavily inspired by some of my favourite types of games – isometric dungeon crawlers, my first true love in gaming. :)

Some quick isometric environment concepts/tests:

Fantasy weapon thumbnails:

And a couple quick warmup/relaxtion studies today. I just discovered the amazing that is Luis Ricardo Falero, and completely had to do a study of  one of his female poses.


Isometric Rocks and More Bubbles

Starting messing around with some isometric stuff. My god it’s satisfying… probably because most of my favourite games are beautiful and isometric. Definitely more of this soon.


Also in the middle of polishing up this: