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Riak Interactive Map Mockup

Been working on my Riak map, using it to create a mockup map interface, as if you were looking at it in-game.

Gawd I love maps. <3



The Why

I don’t tend to do alot of talking on this blog, so I thought I’d change it up a bit tonight and share something I wrote a couple months back when I was soul-searching in class one day near the end of my time at school. I could talk about why I make art all day, probably…there are a million reasons in me for this expression of my existence. But this is just one. It is, you could say, my “why.”

I want to change the world.
I believe that those who follow their own passions with devotion are those who can shake this world most prominently, and so I choose to enact my change, maybe subtle, maybe large, through art. I am in love with the world, and I see this love realized when my brush meets canvas. When I paint, the colours flow and overlap, textures meet each other in this impossible perfect dance of contrast, light blooms and shadows fall… I am writing a love letter to the world.
I am so in love with the world, and I want to save it. I don’t know if I can. I am small, but I have this crazy idea that I can help. Painting brings out the humanity in me, something that I believe games can do too. There is so much hate in the world, so much apathy, so much disregard. So many voices being silenced. So much fear and defensiveness. So much that covers the greatest part of our humanity, dulls it, dilutes it, mars it. But it’s still there, and I want to help bring it out of the world, expose it and make it shine. I want to make games that make people feel, laugh, love, cry. Games that help people understand. Games that help me understand. I want to make games that will make people fall in love with the world, with life, with others, with themselves. I want to make games that will just maybe make some tiny dent in some person’s life, that maybe someday we can all save the world together.


I know. It’s kind of lofty. Maybe it’s silly. Lots of people think that games are just shooting and rage and toxic communities and people yelling at eachother. Sometimes they are. But there’s space for something greater than that too. You know?

New Projects and Character Thumbnails

So. Three things:

1. I have a whole big long list of things I’ve been needing to add to my portfolio to round it out.
2. I need something new and fresh to work on
3. I feel productive as shit lately

Therefore… I’m starting a new concept project. Tribal girls begone! Make way for… SPACE NOMADS! …or scifi nomads? Or glowstick inspired backpackers? Something along those lines, yet to be determined.

The project is tentatively titled “Home”, because.. that’s a topic that I’d like to explore. The idea of home is somewhat of an orbital pivot in my life (that is, that my existence, trials, tribulations, and triumphs all seem to revolve around the concept), and so I’d like to tackle it through art. Simultaneously, though, I want to do something in a completely different style than I have been working in and am used to working in.

So, these are just some an initial thumbs. I’m just barely beginning to delve into ideas, and it could go in a completely different direction from here (actually I realized once I was finished, as is typical timing for me, that it’s looking a bit too Tron-like for my tastes, so I’m already needing to steer it in a slightly different direction). But I’d like to go through the whole process, concepting the general feel of the world, characters, customs, environments, weapons, etc., and then compiling it for my portfolio. I’m planning on working up an art bible/style guide as well. So more updates coming soon!

In the meantime, humble beginnings:

Home Initial Thumbs 1

In completely unrelated news, I finally got around to learning how to make a GIF the other day, so here’s a compiled progress gif of this piece (you might have to click to make it go):


Adva Sculpt Progress

I haven’t updated on this in forever because I’m a chump, but here:

(Hoping to get the hair done tomorrow and give the poor girl some pants.)

Adva Progress 1

LiT Environment Concepts

Hello! Just thought I’d post up some of the stuff I’ve been working on for Lost in Thought, because I feel like I always have to neglect you guys for it.

These are some concepts for two underwater areas, and an “angry” area. :]

Mem 3 concept 1 Underwater Concept 3 2 Underwater Concept 5

At the Center

Oh hey blog. I’ve missed you. Just thought I’d post a little what-I’m-working-on-at-this-exact-moment.

A background image for Lost in Thought. Not sure how I suckered myself into painting so much stuff for this, but I’m enjoying myself. Who knew that painting rocks could actually be so fun? :)

Pretty pleased with how it’s coming along so far… hope you like it too!


Sometimes I Remember to Practice

Just some quick warmup sketches I did today, to prove to myself that I really can paint.

Also, our game development blog for Lost in Thought is now live, although it’s not too pretty yet. It will get there! Check it out!

Warmup sketch 1-9-13 2 Warmup 1-9-13


Reference for the landscape is from http://www.terragalleria.com, and reference for the portrait is from http://www.portrait-photos.org. Both excellent websites!