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April and May Sketches

Sketches and work catch-up. There’s still so much more, gah! I’m behind.yellow






God Was Gonna Catch You

Sometimes I wonder how many different portraits it would take to truly capture a person. Hundreds? Or would it still not even be possible? One of my greatest artistic frustrations is that I’ll never be able to draw how other people feel inside their heads. So, here’s something from the inside of mine. One of the many portraits that could be painted of me. Dedicated to fear, defiance, beauty, and one of my favourite song lines:

“And you punched out all the windows, and the wind began to wail. And you gathered your hair behind your head, like God was gonna catch you by the ponytail…”


And a GIF of the process:


WIP: Self Portrait with Whales and Ponytails

I’m painting a self portrait. In progress currently, here’s the where it is so far:


Paint and Tangles

Finished this up tonight. Hooray, I can work 9 hours and still manage to do art in the same day! Also I finished a piece! I’m evolving!

sketch 1-27

Peachy Skies

So I moved into a new apartment a couple weeks ago and was without internet for about a week… started painting this, and totally forgot to post the progress. Also working on some commission work and more Riak stuff…Too many irons in the fire.. I need to finish some of this stuff. D:

sketch 1-27 small

Roots and Wires

Painting something that actually has meaning to me.

Just started it tonight… I tried doing something similar once, but never finished it. I’m liking this one so far though. Maybe when I finish it I’ll post some sort of description. I so rarely paint things worthy of description. :P

Also, life. Amiright?

sketch 5-11-13 3

Blue, Part II

I told you, didn’t I?
Another good reason for artists working alone (with the door closed) – I listened to one song on repeat for about half of this painting, and then a different song on repeat for the other half. Both equally depressing. :P

“I’m just trying to kiss you, and you stab my eye, leave me blue forever, like an island sky…” 

From this song.

Blue Forever