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Riak Interactive Map Mockup

Been working on my Riak map, using it to create a mockup map interface, as if you were looking at it in-game.

Gawd I love maps. <3



Riak… The Map!

Stage one of Project More-Work-On-Riak-Again-But-Better-This-Time… project. A map! I’m a very visual person (obviously) and I adore maps… so I decided to make one to help me visualize the Riak universe. It’s working splendidly so far… just making and looking at this has put all kind of stories into my head about the world and the people who live there.
This is far from done… I’m working on location names now, and then I’ll be working on regional descriptions and location concepts, as well as concepts for the people who live in each area.

Riak Map 1

Also… can I just be a professional map artist?


Woohoo guys, I’m back from L.A., I have a few days of proper vacation, and I actually drew something for myself! Even if it’s just a little doodle. Still! Not my usual style, but I enjoyed it. :)

(Oh yeah, we won at E3! Woohoos all around! :D )

sketch 6-16-13 1


Also a super quick self portrait doodle, because I haven’t done one in a very long time.

sp sketch 6-16-13 1