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Pulse Character and Gun Concepts

I created this character last week purely as a guilty pleasure – I just wanted to draw something fun without worrying about originality or her place in a universe. I ended up having a ton of fun with it, so don’t be surprised if a whole new project springs up around her. ;) I have a male counterpart for her planned next. (Look ma, I designed a gun!)

(PS: If you are some sort of social media savvy person who dwells in Tumblr land, you can find me there now too! Even though I don’t really know what I’m doing I think I can probably eventually figure it out.)

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Pulse Character ConceptsPulse Gun Concepts Page


Squirt Guns, Revised

Squirt gun girl, revised. It’s very messy, as I only cleaned it up enough for myself to know what’s going on as I model. Yup… zbrush… the time is now. (whimper)

Squirt 1


Art Block Biproducts

Today was full of existential crisis and crippling artistic self-doubt. Finally ended up sketching this with little regard for clean lines or correct anatomical proportions and I feel a little better now.

Punk Swimmer