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Roses Portrait

A portrait commission I did awhile back. Recently started work on a game project, so stay tuned for fun game dev art in the near future. :)



Progress GIF Dump

I was doing some organizing the other day, and made a bunch of progress GIFS of various pieces that I had saved a bunch of WIPS for. Here’s a couple. :)

sketch-1-27-2-Progress blue-wallpaper-progress Kim-2014-Progress

April and May Sketches

Sketches and work catch-up. There’s still so much more, gah! I’m behind.yellow





Antelope Heart

A new piece, with progress GIF. :)




Tiny Rainbows

This piece was initially inspired by the song “Tiny Rainbows” by Nana Grizol, one of my favourite bands. I really enjoyed painting this one. I feel a little lighter, lately. Bit by bit. I feel more relaxed in my work, and more me. Nothing but blue skies ahead…

“Our lives blended better than our bodies ever could
In the days when we were made out of flesh or wood
Yeah we weren’t the same color though we knew that we could be
We were ourselves but blended at the edges like it should be..”


Also, another Facebook fan portrait that I did a little bit ago.


Faces and Colours

Been making an effort lately to come back to the things I love in art, branch back out a little, and see things a little differently.

Wishes and Oceans

Also on that note, I’ve always loved painting portraits (probably more than most anything), and I’ve decided to come back to that recently. I recently asked my Facebook followers to submit pictures of themselves to me if they wanted to be drawn. Here’s the first one, and if you want to get in on that sort of the thing in the future, go ahead and follow me. :)


Eyes and Embers

After-work sketch for relaxation. About an hour and a half. Cheers. :)