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Pulse Character and Gun Concepts

I created this character last week purely as a guilty pleasure – I just wanted to draw something fun without worrying about originality or her place in a universe. I ended up having a ton of fun with it, so don’t be surprised if a whole new project springs up around her. ;) I have a male counterpart for her planned next. (Look ma, I designed a gun!)

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Pulse Character ConceptsPulse Gun Concepts Page


Summer Catchup

Oh, hey. I haven’t posted since May?
I guess… summer happened?

20150801_132649 Maria-Turnaround Authority-Uniform-Concepts Maria-Concepts

For my own purposes, I spent an inordinate amount of time tonight compiling ALL of my Riak work (well, all of it that’s currently on my computer). Thought it would be interesting to share. I think having it all in once place where I can quickly glance at it will help me keep all of my thoughts together, and help me see what I need to work on…. like more environment stuff. >.>


Two Character Concepts

That is, the title of the project is “Two.” …and there’s also two character concept sheets right now.. but I assure you that that’s a coincidence.

New personal project. Some scifi after all that tribal. :P Firstly, a rework of the main character, Two. Also motorcycles.

Two-Concepts-Compilation-1 Two-Turnaround-1-2 Heartbreaker-Concept-1-2

Red Dead and Naked Women

Most of the things I’ve been painting lately are Christmasy or secret.
So, here’s some figure studies I did a bit back. And a crashed spaceship thing.



Also, I found this Real Life Kim story I drew like 5 years ago. I find it impossibly funny. Enjoy!

Red Dead

TV Space Cyborg Ninja Girls

Sci fi girls to cleanse the palette.

Playing commercials on your skin is a good way to finance your new screen-skin body modification. Like tele-tubbies! But with more dystopia. ;)


Sci-Fis and Butterflies

Quick sketching.

scifi butterfly 2

New Projects and Character Thumbnails

So. Three things:

1. I have a whole big long list of things I’ve been needing to add to my portfolio to round it out.
2. I need something new and fresh to work on
3. I feel productive as shit lately

Therefore… I’m starting a new concept project. Tribal girls begone! Make way for… SPACE NOMADS! …or scifi nomads? Or glowstick inspired backpackers? Something along those lines, yet to be determined.

The project is tentatively titled “Home”, because.. that’s a topic that I’d like to explore. The idea of home is somewhat of an orbital pivot in my life (that is, that my existence, trials, tribulations, and triumphs all seem to revolve around the concept), and so I’d like to tackle it through art. Simultaneously, though, I want to do something in a completely different style than I have been working in and am used to working in.

So, these are just some an initial thumbs. I’m just barely beginning to delve into ideas, and it could go in a completely different direction from here (actually I realized once I was finished, as is typical timing for me, that it’s looking a bit too Tron-like for my tastes, so I’m already needing to steer it in a slightly different direction). But I’d like to go through the whole process, concepting the general feel of the world, characters, customs, environments, weapons, etc., and then compiling it for my portfolio. I’m planning on working up an art bible/style guide as well. So more updates coming soon!

In the meantime, humble beginnings:

Home Initial Thumbs 1

In completely unrelated news, I finally got around to learning how to make a GIF the other day, so here’s a compiled progress gif of this piece (you might have to click to make it go):