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Progress GIF Dump

I was doing some organizing the other day, and made a bunch of progress GIFS of various pieces that I had saved a bunch of WIPS for. Here’s a couple. :)

sketch-1-27-2-Progress blue-wallpaper-progress Kim-2014-Progress


God Was Gonna Catch You

Sometimes I wonder how many different portraits it would take to truly capture a person. Hundreds? Or would it still not even be possible? One of my greatest artistic frustrations is that I’ll never be able to draw how other people feel inside their heads. So, here’s something from the inside of mine. One of the many portraits that could be painted of me. Dedicated to fear, defiance, beauty, and one of my favourite song lines:

“And you punched out all the windows, and the wind began to wail. And you gathered your hair behind your head, like God was gonna catch you by the ponytail…”


And a GIF of the process:


WIP: Self Portrait with Whales and Ponytails

I’m painting a self portrait. In progress currently, here’s the where it is so far:


Red and Gold and Green All Over

Spent a few hours today painting a quick approximation of my face, because 1. I miss doing these kinds of surprisingly therapeutic portraits, and 2.  I haven’t done a self portrait in a while and I find it to be my favourite form of introspection.

Took about 3ish hours I think.

Close enough. :P


Kim 2014 small

Christmas Doodles

Merry Christmas! A quick Christmas sketch for the sake of good habits.
And now I need to go update my bio, because I am  at last, one damn year older. :)


christmas sketch 1

Roots and Wires

Painting something that actually has meaning to me.

Just started it tonight… I tried doing something similar once, but never finished it. I’m liking this one so far though. Maybe when I finish it I’ll post some sort of description. I so rarely paint things worthy of description. :P

Also, life. Amiright?

sketch 5-11-13 3


I was frustrated with life. So a drew a thing that had nothing to do with all of the other things I have to be drawing. And then it ended up being a pseudo-self portrait. And then I realized that, were I an anime character, and were my hair red, I would look just like Makise Kurisu. That’s all.

crazy 1-30-12