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Summer Catchup

Oh, hey. I haven’t posted since May?
I guess… summer happened?

20150801_132649 Maria-Turnaround Authority-Uniform-Concepts Maria-Concepts

For my own purposes, I spent an inordinate amount of time tonight compiling ALL of my Riak work (well, all of it that’s currently on my computer). Thought it would be interesting to share. I think having it all in once place where I can quickly glance at it will help me keep all of my thoughts together, and help me see what I need to work on…. like more environment stuff. >.>



Who am I to be Colorless?

…when the universe is made of light.

More Two Stuff!

Been a bit behind on updating the blog… I have a new piece up on Facebook already.  (hint hint)


Who Am I to be Colorless

Two Character Concepts

That is, the title of the project is “Two.” …and there’s also two character concept sheets right now.. but I assure you that that’s a coincidence.

New personal project. Some scifi after all that tribal. :P Firstly, a rework of the main character, Two. Also motorcycles.

Two-Concepts-Compilation-1 Two-Turnaround-1-2 Heartbreaker-Concept-1-2


On a whim I decided to revisit an old character of mine that I never properly fleshed  out. Her name is, for good reasons, Two. The last time I drew her was almost two (heh) years ago.. https://nothingbutblue.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/character-sheets/   Eugh. D:

And back then her story was crappy and mostly undeveloped and half assed (I came up with her for a project and… deadlines…) and I couldn’t remember most of it anyway, so I gave her a new one.

She hits people.

..that’s not the story; I just thought I’d point it out.